Santa Monica Pier – Happy Birthday To You!

Santa Monica Pier - Tracey Hennessey Real Estate

I ran across something really fun today and that is all the celebrations being planned for our beloved Santa Monica Pier, which turns 100 years old next year on September 9, 2009, but it seems that the events have already begun, meaning there are events to plan the events… As if there were not enough “normal” events going on every day atop this historical landmark. Never let it be said that we Santa Monicans do not enjoy our lovely Pier. I f you haven’t actually spent time on this glorious “platform over the sea”, you need to!

There is just so much to do there, for you alone… for you and your spouse… but especially, for you and the kids! It is a wonderful family outing to go to PacPark, the free admission amusement park, and ride the old original Carousel from 1942, as well as the emblematic ferris wheel and “just the right length and speed” roller coaster. You can attend a children’s music concert, puppet theatre, or even an arts and crafts lesson. The shopping, the food, the sunrises and sunsets, all add up to a local treasure spot that must not be taken for granted, nor missed for anything! Here’s the link to Pacpark for easy access to the hours, different rides, etc. , as well as the website of the Santa Monica Pier itself which will keep us all posted on the upcoming events, normal or Centennial…

So, are you going to attend any events leading up the Centennial? C’mon, it should be fun, I’ll see you there for sure… Believe it or no, this little entertainment spot is a huge draw for people moving to Santa Monica, especially if they have kids! I take all my out-of-town clients there just to show them the beauty of the ocean view and the variety available to them when they finally get moved here. Hmmm, life just doesn’t get any better than this…

If you are one of my regular readers from Santa Monica, let me know your funny “Pier Stories” or other Pier tidbits or advice to parents, etc. and I’ll share them with our soon-to-be new neighbors on this blog! Well, that’s it for this week, have a great weekend!

See you next post,


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